About OTi

Ours technology Inc. (Oti) was founded in 2000, positioned as a pioneering USB solution provider. The main product lines evolve over the past decade. At the early stage, Oti focused on development of controller IC for PC storage applications (UFD, Card Reader, External HDD …). A few years later, controller solutions for USB Host MP3 application surfaced as another product line generating sizable revenue. Recently U2U (USB Host to USB Host) solution has became the major product line of Oti.

The U2U solution enables data transfer and resources (keyboard, mouse, optical disc drive …) sharing between two systems equipped with USB host interface. One of the products is especially useful for people who buy a new PC and wish to transfer all the files stored in HDD from old PC to new one in a timeframe of minutes. For more information about the U2U application, please visit “www.u2u.com.tw”.

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