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> USB3.0 Host to Host Bridging Controller - OT7300
> KM Switch & Data Bridge Controller - 2211
USB Transparent Functional Device Controller - 5000 Series

> USB2.0 Media sharing Controller - 8288
> USB Data Bridge and Flash Disk Controller - 2208 Series
> USB Data Bridge Controller - 2208NF
> USB 2.0 Integrated HID Controller - 2888

Oti-2211 KM Switch & Data Bridge Controller

The OT2211 is a single chip, cost-effective, and high- performance USB2.0 Mass Storage Class Peripheral controller targeted for applications of data transfer, keyboard and mouse sharing between PCs. The design complies with USB High Speed Specification (480Mb/s), Version 2.0.

The OT2211 has two USB interfaces for connecting two PCs. With stable clock slew-rate control, the controller can reduce the EMI issue.

The controller has one dedicated LED control pin and one optional LED control pin(GPIO). The LED display modes - operation, suspend, and standby, are programmable through the production program provided by Oti.

More Value-added application software for data transfer and file, e-mail synchronization are available.

This controller can operate on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Win XP, and Win2000.

The OT2211 is available in cost-saving 48-pin LQFP (7mm X 7mm) package.





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